Super Torch Mobile Pro

Tuesday, December 17, 2013 - 10:15am

Super Ego has recently launched a professional MAP/Oxy trade torch set that accelerates the performance of MAP/Pro Gas in mobile soldering, brazing and welding for plumbers, HVAC-R mechanics and automotive workshops.

The Super Torch Mobile Pro is suitable for soldering, brazing and welding material with a wall thickness between 0.2mm – 5.0mm and can reach flame temperatures up to 3,100°C. The light-weight torch set weighs in at only 5.75kg’s, including cylinders, meaning that the Super Torch Mobile Pro is much easier to transport than traditional Oxy Acetylene kits and also provides efficient work in hard-to-get-to-places. Not only is the set lighter than traditional Oxy Acetylene sets, it is also cheaper to run as oxygen cylinders are purchased outright so there is no ongoing cylinder rental payments.

The Super Torch Mobile Pro includes gas pressure regulators which are adjustable from 0 to 2 bar for constant, low gas consumption and an efficient flame adjustment maximising gas which saves you money. Along with high quality, German made safety devices, like filters, gas non-return valve and flame arrestors fitted to the handset or at the cylinders, the Super Torch Mobile Pro also comes with an innovative bendable welding tip, which, when used with the handset, makes for more precise flame positioning compared to similar handsets currently on the market.

When compared to similar products on the market, the Super Torch Mobile Pro is in a league of its own as it has flashback arrestors at the end of the hoses, not built into the handle. Should a flashback happen, only the arrestor at the end of the hose will need to be replaced, not the entire torch handle, again, saving you money. The Super Torch Mobile Pro’s hose is of a professional, trade quality rubber which is ISO 3821 certified that will last longer and offer better performance, the hoses can also be exchanged if damaged. The main advantage of the Super Torch Mobile Pro is the handsets versatility, mainly the bendable tip and the ergonomic positioning of the valves which allows for easier one-hand operation. The Y-shape handle of comparable products makes it hard to adjust the flame, which burns fuel in the lengthy adjustment process.